The Painter’s Lover, reviewed by Zoran Minderovic

17 April 2015

Eva Gonzalès, by Édouard Manet

In The Painter’s Lover, recently translated into French by Ellen Sowchek and Annie Heminway, Eduardo Manet tells the fabulous story of his grandmother Eva Gonzalès, a brilliant painter who was also Édouard Manet’s pupil, lover, and muse. Art lovers, take note!

Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair

23 November 2014

The first-ever Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair took place last week, November 13-16, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, eliciting mixed reactions. Linda Leith Publishing was there, in the Discovery Pavillion pod P5, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Titans in the Lagoon, part II, by Marco LoVerso

23 July 2014

"Let’s remember that Venice is a fish, after all. She sprang from the lagoon like a miraculous birth. If she is to swim freely, her waters must be respected and protected. How can we allow these titans of steel and smoke to threaten the vitality of the most original city in the world?”

My Life Among the Ruins, III, by Kenneth Radu

11 July 2014

All along I have been led to believe that New York or Toronto or Montreal or Paris is the centre of the known universe, when it is really this egg-shaped boulder on a mountainside in Greece.

The Temple of Apollo, Bassai

My Life Among the Ruins, II, by Kenneth Radu

10 July 2014

Hermes and the Infant Dionysos

One is always tempted to go naked in Greece: heat and history seem to demand it, and Irving Layton probably did, even though in the first Olympic games athletes wore protective jock straps, nudes on vases notwithstanding. 

My Life Among the Ruins, I, by Kenneth Radu

9 July 2014

The Erechtheion 

The Acropolis can lead to poetry or hallucinations of deities. I failed to see divinity, but I absorbed the beauty of the Erechtheion, especially the six caryatids forming the Ionic columns of its so-called Porch of the Maidens. Absorption seems the accurate term. 

Kidnapped Motherhood, by Cristina Montescu

27 June 2014

Marie-Soleil, a woman approaching forty, wants to have a baby. She has no partner and no opportunity of finding a donor whose identity she knows in her host country, Canada. 

Translation by Jonathan Kaplansky of an excerpt from Cristina Montescu's unpublished novel A Hole in the Belly.

John Doyle's A Great Feast of Light, by Denis Sampson

17 June 2014

On the eve of publishing his own new book, A Migrant Heart (LLP 2014), Irish-born Canadian essayist and biographer Denis Sampson rereads John Doyle's memoir A Great Feast of Light: Growing Up Irish in the Television Age (Doubleday, 2005).

Ann Charney's Latest, by Linda Leith

28 May 2014

Ann Charney is an award-winning writer who was born in Poland and has spent most of her life in Montreal, where she has worked as a columnist for Maclean’s and a feature writer at Saturday Night as well as publishing four novels and a collection of essays entitled Defiance in their Eyes.

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