Women, Words, and Leadership

12 April 2016

On 11 April, 2016, Linda Leith participated in TD Blue Met Talks: Femmes & leadership | Women & Leadership during the Opening Cocktail of the 18th Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival.

Blue Met had invited several women of influence to speak about the power of words, women in leadership and how books have inspired and changed them and their careers. The other participants were Louise-Ann MaziakMarie-Josée BédardSuzanne Fortier, and Marie Giguère

A Fairy-tale Victory for Justin Trudeau

20 October 2015

This is a fairy-tale victory for Justin Trudeau. An extraordinary triumph: a majority in Parliament, Liberals elected in every province—even Alberta—and all three territories; a clean sweep of the Maritimes; an entirely unanticipated forty-seven seats in Quebec. And, best of all, no more Harper.

The Music Will Surely Live On, II, by Maurie Alioff

12 August 2015

“There's a lot more to come,” says Lady G, “a lot more good things to come. Just like anything else, you can have good and bad. The bad is going to get lost somewhere. The good is going to prevail. Because good is always over evil. It's just one of those things. Every day you have a new artist from the reggae or the dance hall fraternity. It can never stop. Music will surely live on.”

Divas at the Festival Part II, by Maurie Alioff

9 August 2015

Serious churchgoers and orthodox Rastafari see wining (the horrible term twerking in North America) as a sign of dissolution. Crouched with their legs apart, girls and women raise their behinds, swivel their hips, and vibrate.

Divas at the Festival Part I, by Maurie Alioff

9 August 2015

The timing could not be better for the Montreal International Reggae Festival (August 14-16). Everyone is curious about Lady Saw: her changing look, and how far she goes with her lyrics and dance moves. Everyone is also eager to hear Saw handling hits like her spectacularly raunchy song of desire, Heels On.

The Painter’s Lover, reviewed by Zoran Minderovic

17 April 2015

Eva Gonzalès, by Édouard Manet

In The Painter’s Lover, recently translated into French by Ellen Sowchek and Annie Heminway, Eduardo Manet tells the fabulous story of his grandmother Eva Gonzalès, a brilliant painter who was also Édouard Manet’s pupil, lover, and muse. Art lovers, take note!

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