David Homel in Conversation with Dragan Tororovic
31 January 2024

Watch David Homel with Dragan Todorovic: Conversation and public reading. Homel is an American Canadian writer and translator, with multiple awards for his novels and his translations. The interview covers his whole career in writing. Some of the themes are crypto-languages, translation as a way of improving the originals, and novel as a result of shortage of some kind.

Watch the conversation here

How Did I Get Here? A Writer's Education

David Homel

September 2023

$19.95 | ISBN: 9781773901404

David Homel is the award-winning author of nine novels and five works of fiction for younger readers, the latter co-authored with Marie-Louise Gay. In 2021, he ventured into the field of the personal essay with the memoir Lunging into the Underbrush: A Life Lived Backward (LLP 2021), which––part medical memoir and part speculation about the love life of older women and men––led Homel to return to the slippery field of self-discovery and the remodeling of the past.


[Photo: Marina Vulicevic]


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