How Did I Get Here? A Writer's Education

David Homel

September 2023

Award-winning author David Homel mixes memoir and fiction, truth and make-believe in these mediations on his youth in Chicago, his education, and the influences that led to his career as a writer.

David Homel is the award-winning author of nine novels and five works of fiction for younger readers, the latter co-authored with Marie-Louise Gay. In 2021, he ventured into the field of the personal essay with the memoir Lunging into the Underbrush: A Life Lived Backward (LLP 2021), which––part medical memoir and part speculation about the love life of older women and men––led Homel to return to the slippery field of self-discovery and the remodeling of the past.


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"Driving in a foreign country is always an adventure. As I barreled along the autoroute, a suave and cultured voice came on the radio, and it seemed to be talking to me alone. “The writer,” the voice assured me, “is the person who is missing words.” I took one hand off the wheel and noted down the aphorism. It contained the kind of contradiction that has always appealed to me. The aphorism has stayed with me ever since. I wondered: what is it that a person lacks that turns them into a writer?"


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