Are We On Yet? Insider Secrets on How to be Interviewed (and other essential media skills)

Tommy Schnurmacher

August 2012

“Forget radio. Forget TV. Forget who is the interviewer and who is the interviewee. All you have to do is pretend that the interviewer is someone who is sitting next to you on the plane.  That’s it. You should have the exact same kind of conversation as you would have on that plane. Because that’s all a great interview is, it’s a great conversation.”

Many people are unaware of this basic technique, and other tips that are equally simple to learn and adopt. Whether you’re the new owner of a small business, a seasoned entrepreneur selling a product or service, a volunteer promoting a great cause, or an author promoting yourself, the techniques and tips outlined in this book will turn you into the guest they beg to come back.

Tommy Schnurmacher is an award-winning Canadian broadcaster who has interviewed Canadian prime ministers, Pulitzer prize-winning novelists and celebrities including Clint Eastwood, Catherine Deneuve, and Charlie Sheen.

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What they say

"One of Canada’s premier showbiz writers.”
––The Hollywood Reporter

It’s one thing to land an interview, but what do you do when you get it? Most people spend hours preparing. They arrive in studio with pages and pages of handwritten notes. The younger ones arrive awash in iPods, iPads and laptops. Is that a good idea? No, actually, it’s a terrible idea.

The book you hold in your hand – or the e-book that you have just downloaded – is short and concise. Are We On Yet? is an insider’s look at what the interviewer – any interviewer – REALLY wants. And it comes with the author’s personal money-back guarantee –detailed in Chapter 20.    

Tommy Schnurmacher has interviewed everyone from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Dame Edna, from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Joan Rivers, from right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart to left-wing author Naomi Klein, and from student protesters to billionaire philanthropist Seymour Schulich. Included in the book are lessons learned from Catherine Deneuve, Arianna Huffington, and Pulitzer prize-winning novelist Jeffrey Eugenides.

But what if you’re not famous? Not to worry. You do not have to be a celebrity to become the media darling who keeps being invited back over and over again.


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