Are We On Yet? Insider Secrets on How to be Interviewed (and other essential media skills)

Tommy Schnurmacher

“Forget radio. Forget TV. Forget who is the interviewer and who is the interviewee. All you have to do is pretend that the interviewer is someone who is sitting next to you on the plane.  That’s it. You should have the exact same kind of conversation as you would have on that plane. Because that’s all a great interview is, it’s a great conversation.”

It seems so simple, but many people are unaware of this basic technique and of other tips that are equally simple to learn and adopt. Whether you’re the eager beaver owner of a small business, a seasoned entrepreneur selling a product or service, a volunteer promoting a great cause, or an author promoting yourself, the simple techniques and tips outlined in this book will turn you into the guest they beg to come back.

Money-back Guarantee! The author is so convinced that his techniques will work that he is willing to make this personal no-hassle money-back guarantee to the reader: “If after trying his suggestions for three months, you have not improved your ability to communicate and hype what you want to sell, just return the book with your proof of purchase and you will get the purchase price cheerfully returned to you.”

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