Caricature Cartoon Canada

Terry Mosher (editor)

July 2012

This title is now out of print.
Caricature Cartoon Canada
is “the best of the best”: a brilliant collection of personal favourites from Canada’s best cartoonists, published in both official languages. In it, editor and legendary Montreal Gazette cartoonist Terry Mosher (Aislin) has provided notes on the history of Canadian cartooning and an unforgettable snapshot of contemporary Canadian concerns and attitudes – some quite controversial – illustrated through the wit and wisdom of the country’s premier cartoonists.

Aislin (Terry Mosher), one of Canada’s most beloved and prolific cartoonists, was inducted in the Canadian Cartoonists’ Hall of Fame in May 2012. This year marks his 70th birthday and his 40th year publishing acerbic and often hilarious cartoons in the Montreal Gazette. He has won two National Newspaper Awards and five individual prizes from the international Salon of Caricature. Mosher is a member of the Canadian News Hall of Fame and an Officer of the Order of Canada, and he holds an honorary Doctor of Letters from McGill University. Was It Good For You? is his 45th book. He’s aiming for 50. For more information, visit

“The name Aislin is derived from a Gaelic word meaning ‘dream’, but to many of the more dubious members of Canada’s political class, Aislin is something more of a nightmare. It’s a name that has become synonymous with biting political satire and razor-sharp wit. But more importantly he is Canada’s most celebrated shit disturber. – Rick Mercer

What they say

The Canada Day Countdown wraps up with a cascade of media on Caricature Cartoon Canada -- the book, the exhibition, the events, and the history of Canadian cartooning.

The Toronto Star publishes on opinion piece on The Bite of Editorial Cartoons, andThe Gazette does the cartoonists proud with its coverage, including an in-depth feature article by Marian Scott on the role of cartoonists in Quebec and in Canada as a whole and a video of Thursday night's event with the New Yorker cartoonists. During which Justin Trudeau donned a shower cap to remind us all of La Presse cartoonist Serge Chapleau's iconic drawing of former Bloc québécois leader Gilles Duceppe on a visit to a cheese factory.


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