A Second Chance

Felicia Mihali

April 2014

Adam is happily married when he has a stroke at the age of fifty, and his behaviour changes to that of a ten-year-old. What are his secrets? His wife would like to know.

A Second Chance reveals its secrets slowly. We can see how changed Adam is, but we also sense that we don’t know the whole story. The wife is loving, but there is a puzzling edge to her account of her days with Adam. Some members of their immigrant community know the story, but most do not. It’s only as we come to the devastating conclusion that we learn about the affair that almost ended the marriage before Adam suffered his stroke. A novel about devotion and betrayal, A Second Chance is also about forgiveness.

Born in Romania, Felicia Mihali has lived in Montreal since 2000. After studies in French, Mandarin and Dutch, she studied Postcolonial Literature, English, History, and Art History at the University of Montreal. She has published seven books in French since 2002, and her first novel written in English, The Darling of Kandahar (LLP 2012), was nominated for Canada Reads 2013.

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