Vigilante Season

Peter Kirby

October 2013

Montreal’s Hochelaga district is in the throes of gentrification, its drug dealers and prostitutes are disappearing, and Luc Vanier suspects the neighbourhood cleanup may involve murdering the unwanted. The local Police Commander sees only declining crime rates and his improving career prospects, and is willing to go easy on a local militia group that’s expanding its influence. When Vanier is suspended for brutality, he’s on his own. As the threats against him mount, he continues to probe the dark side of progress, fighting to discover who controls the streets. Have the government and police stepped back to allow the militia to impose order? Is the militia the price of order when governments run out of money?

In Vanier's Montreal, thugs and lowlifes rub shoulders with the elite, and Peter Kirby follows up his critically acclaimed debut The Dead of Winter ("an auspicious debut from a writer to watch"- The Globe and Mail) with a riveting novel of corruption and street crime.

Peter Kirby practices international law with one of Canada’s largest law firms. He was born in Cork, Ireland, and grew up in Brixton, South London. He is recognized by The American Lawyer as one of Canada’s leading 500 lawyers and called a star in international arbitration by Benchmark Litigation. He lives in Montreal.

Kirby's three Luc Vanier novels to date are The Dead of Winter, shortlisted for the Crime Writers of Canada's 2013 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Book, Vigilante Season, and Open Season, winner of the 2016 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel; all are published by LLP. 

All three titles have been translated into French by Rachel Martinez: La terre promise (Open Season),  Les justiciers d'Hochelaga (Vigilante Season), and Vague d'effroi (The Dead of Winter).

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What they say

"When Peter Kirby made his debut with The Dead of Winter some eighteen months ago, I was impressed by the strength of the writing coming from the pen of an unknown author. His second novel does not disappoint. His writing has become even more assured, and his ability to capture the atmosphere of various districts of Montreal in all their glory or squalor, coupled with a believable storyline drawn from the headlines, lends his books an immediacy that will keep the reader enthralled."
December 2013 Montreal Review of Books

"The novel offers more than a simple tale of the worthy few against the corrupt many. The author, himself a lawyer, provides bold heroes, but he also explores how corruption can be self-sabotaging, the very characteristics that encourage criminal conspiracy driving the conspirators to turn on each other. The result is a novel that, while straightforward, delivers more nuance than is typical for its genre, a promising follow-up to 2012's lauded The Dead of Winter."
December 2013, Publishers Weekly 

High Praise

Quill & Quire names Vigilante Season one of the five top crime and mystery books of 2013.

"Given the current situation where government corruption is rampant, where gentrification often leads to homelessness, and where authority is often abused, this novel is one for our times. I suggest you pour a glass of Jameson, as would Luc Vanier, then sit back and enjoy a good read. Peter, you’ve done it again!" Anne Forrest, November 2013, Nuacht 


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