Where They Stood: The Evolution of the Black Anglo Community in Montreal

Black Community Resource Centre

March 2023

A collaborative work by young Black writers and the Black Community Resource Centre, Where They Stood examines history beyond racism and slavery to reveal the inspiring story of Montreal's English-speaking Black community.

In this collection, nine writers explore the rich histories of the immigrants, labourers and activists who built the cultural, social and political community that exists to this day. By highlighting Black achievement and perseverance, these essays reimagine what possibilities may lie ahead. Where They Stood is a story of positivity, triumph, and joy.

Founded in 1995, the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC) is a growing resource-based not-for-profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec. The BCRC is a leader and advocate whose priority is to promote and support the well-being and success of the English-speaking Black community in Quebec, as well as serving other marginalized groups. Its mission is to provide support services to individuals and communities, identify and remove barriers to access to employment, and help visible minority youth rekindle their dreams and achieve their full potential.

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What they say
Beyond Oppression

When it comes to detailed accounts of Black history in Canada, the pickings are slim, and most are centred around violence and oppression. Montreal in particular has one of the richest Black histories in Canada, some of which can be found in publications by Black writers like Dorothy Williams and Mairuth Sarsfield, yet many ask: where is the rest?

...In what will surely be recognized as an indispensable educational tool and essential reading, Where They Stood: The Evolution of the Black Anglo Community in Montreal illuminates the stories, roles, and efforts of generations of Black Canadians who thrived in a place where for decades, they were more than unwelcome. Reaching beyond histories of racism and enslavement, it emphasizes the importance of investing in Black joy and wellness, and of giving support not only during times of hardship. It asks us to visualize life outside of struggle, and preserves and inspires hope for current and future generations.
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March 2023, Val Rwigema, Montreal Review of Books



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