The Wrecking Ball

Terry Mosher (Aislin)

October 2014

The Wrecking Ball is a collection of Aislin’s recent favourite cartoons. All of the choice political material is here: Pauline Marois as Miley Cyrus, the Parti Québécois’s Charter of Quebec Values, student demonstrators wandering through Montreal’s deteriorating streets, corruption inquires and Montreal’s succession of mayors, the Harper Tories and the Canadian Senate debacle, the coronation of Justin Trudeau, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the Habs and the Sochi Olympics. Whew!

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AISLIN is the nom de plume that Terry Mosher has used for over forty years as the political cartoonist for The Gazette in Montreal. He is also President emeritus of the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists and, in that capacity, he has recently served as a judge and observer at International cartoon events in Portugal, Turkey, China, Australia, and Cuba. Named an Officer of the Order of Canada in May 2003, Mosher is the winner of two National Newspaper Awards, and In May 2007 he received an honorary Doctor of Letters from McGill University. In 2012 he was inducted into the Canadian Cartoonists’ Hall of Fame as part of the 8th Annual Doug Wright Awards for Canadian Cartooning. Was It Good for You was published by LLP in 2012.

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What they say

Wickedly funny with a king-sized heart. How does this guy always manage to get it right?
–– Douglas Coupland.

Rarely has political reality in Canada so consistently outdone fiction. Who needs editorial cartoonists, you might ask, at a time when actual politicians are so keen on doing all the work for them? Look to this collection for the answer. It will make you wonder whether to laugh or cry at the times we live in. It will also almost make it worthwhile to have endured the past three years.
–– Chantal Hébert, from the Introduction


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