Kerouac & Presley

André Pronovost

Fred A. Reed

February 2021

Kerouac & Presley takes you on the road, guitar slung over your shoulder. Beginning in the Montreal neighbourhood where a teenage girl was brutally murdered in 1975, the International Year of the Woman, the story travels to an Abbey in Connecticut where a former starlet and Elvis co-star fled Hollywood to become a nun. This is the memoir of a wanderer who sets out to rewrite “the blank and flawless page” that is America. Inspired by the history of Quebec and America, Kerouac & Presley is an American prayer in prose and paragraphs.


Originally from Laval, Quebec, André Pronovost has a Master's degree in Animal Psychology. In 1978 he hiked the Appalachian Trail from one end to the other. The original French version of his seventh book, Kerouac & Presley, won the 2018 Quebec Arts Council (CALQ) literary prize. He lives in Montreal.

A three-time winner of the Governor General’s Award for translation, Fred A. Reed has translated works by many of Quebec’s leading authors, as well as works by modern Greek writers. His most recent work, with David Homel, includes Philippe Arsenault’s Zora and Martine Desjardins’ The Green Chamber. His latest book is Then We Were One: Fragments of Two Lives, an autobiographical essay, published in French by Fides Éditeur. He lives in Morocco.

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What they say
Intriguing and picaresque
Jeffery D. Muzzerall, The Miramichi Reader

I was intrigued to read Kerouac & Presley given my fondness for iconic writers, musicians, and mavericks. I suspect, without previously encountering the author, that he’s an “everyman” free spirit. He’s done more than visit literary and musical pilgrimages and has lived, loved, and lost on the journey. He dares to put it in writing. 

Pronovost’s memoir is pleasantly picaresque. André tells his story, on his terms, in his way, translated from French in his beloved Quebec. 

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April 2021, The Miramichi Reader


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