A Ramshackle Home

Felicia Mihali
Judith Weisz Woodsworth

September 2023

After her marriage breaks up, a woman returns with her young son to the ramshackle house in the countryside where her parents once lived. Her story unfolds against the backdrop of a country laid waste by a half century of Communist rule. She grapples with the desolation of her physical surroundings and seeks solace in the world of her imagination, where her memories are interwoven with tales from ancient mythology.

Born and educated in Romania, Felicia Mihali studied French, Mandarin and Dutch, and specialized in history and comparative literature at Université de Montréal. Since the publication of her highly acclaimed novel Le Pays du fromage in 2002, she has written seven books in French and three in English, including The Darling of Kandahar (LLP 2012), selected by Canada Reads as one of the best books of 2013. Founder and president of Éditions Hashtag, she lives in Montreal.

Judith Weisz Woodsworth is a translator and former professor of translation studies at Concordia University. She is the recipient of the 2022 Governor General’s literary award for her translation of History of the Jews in Quebec by Pierre Anctil. Her translations include novels by Pierre Nepveu and Abla Farhoud (Hutchison Street, LLP 2018), and she has published widely on translation history and theory. She lives in Montreal.

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What they say
CBC Books 2023 Fall Reading List

A Ramshackle Home lands a spot on CBC Books' 2023 Fall Reading List—a list showcasing 40 Canadian books to enjoy this season!

Unsettled Roots

Throughout, Mihali skillfully pairs the exquisite with the repellent, arresting the reader with vivid descriptions that engage all the senses. She delivers scenes at once raw with despair and rich with symbolism, clearly broadcasting the complexes of her main character. Read more

--Kimberly Bourgeois, Montreal Review of Books

Felicia Mihali writes: "I would like this novel to be read as a universal story about little girls born in small and poor villages around the world who are not as lucky as those born in big cities and in good families. These are girls who have to struggle to succeed, to fight their own complexes and their shame over not being more fortunate. For many of them their only escape is through the imagination."


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