The Storm of Progress: Climate Change, AI, and the Roots of Our Dangerous Ethical Myopia

Wade Rowland

January 2024

In a time of existential threats from climate change, computer-based superintelligences, AI-accelerated nuclear and biological warfare and more, we can no longer avoid some profound questions about what’s going on. We need to ask: what kind of 'progress' leads to the destruction of humanity’s basic habitat, even its basic identity?

Wade Rowland is emeritus professor of media and communication studies at York University, Toronto. Among more than a dozen previous books are: Greed, Inc.: Why Corporations Rule Our World and How We Let It Happen; Galileo's Mistake; and Canada Lives Here: The Case for Public Broadcasting (LLP 2016). He lives with his artist wife Christine Collie Rowland in rural Port Hope, in the Northumberland hills of Eastern Ontario.


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What they say
Something at Work

"Wade Rowland — prolific commentator, educator, congenital worrier — has a lot of questions for us. They are about technology, society, and the way we live today. But many of them come down to one big question: Can the innovators, experimenters, and purveyors of science and technology proceed responsibly without considering the moral elements of their work?"

"The implications of this question and of the ones that follow from it are vast. They intrude on almost every aspect of our daily lives. They lead us — or should lead us — to ask whether genetic manipulation is a good thing and whether civilization really needs artificial intelligence. They prompt us to consider whether humankind is now in the thrall of a bunch of Frankensteins: promoters of a science run horribly amok." Read more here.

—David Marks Shribman, Literary Review of Canada

Advanced Praise

Timely. Necessary. Urgent. Wade Rowland asks which will ultimately predominate – our Humanity or the Machine?

—Jeffrey Dvorkin


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