The Prostate: Everything You Need to Know About the Man Gland

Dr. Yosh Taguchi

March 2014

The mere mention of the prostate gland is enough to make men cringe. Long a taboo subject, the walnut-sized man gland can cause mental anguish, emotional aggravation, bitterness, and anger. The prostate often affects everything from sexual performance to male ego-strength. When it is working well, the man’s world is good, but when it is affected by change or disease, the male universe often collapses upon itself.

In The Prostate, Dr. Taguchi tackles the most common prostate problems, treatments, and questions in down-to-earth language. If there is anyone who can dispel the fear associated with prostate issues, it is Dr. Taguchi. Required reading for all men over the age of forty.

Yosh Taguchi, MD, PhD, FRCSC, is McGill University’s first full time academic appointee in Urology (1966). He was Program Director for Urology from 1991 to 1998, and he continues to practice as a Senior Urologist at the McGill University Health Centre. He is best known as the author of three books: Private Parts: An Owner's Guide (1988), an international bestseller that has been translated from the original English into French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian, The Prostate (2001), published in Canada, the US., and the UK, as well as in French and Spanish translation, and Zen in Action (2006). He lives in Montreal.

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What they say

“The kind of straight talk that the most fortunate men receive from the very best doctors, but can now get by reading this plain-speaking and highly informative book.”

– Dr. Peter Scardino, Chief of Urology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

“Dr. Taguchi’s book, now updated and enlarged in its second edition, remains a rare treasure – an authoritative work on an important topic by a recognized expert. It will be a fun-to-read page turner for all men over forty.”

– Frederick H. Lowy, OC, MD, Massey College, University of Toronto, and former President and Vice-Chancellor, Concordia University.



New, revised edition. (First edition published 2001 by Key Porter Books)

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