Contributing editors

Yan Liang

Yan Liang is a prize-winning journalist and translator based in Montreal with more than 10 years’ experience working in Canada and China. She presently works for Radio-Canada International (RCI) as a host and journalist. She has been involved in several translation projects, including Arthur Miller’s autobiography Time Bends (2010, Shanghai 99Read), and the transcript of Stan Douglas’s film Journey into Fear (2004). [Photo: Li Zhao]

Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa

Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa is the general manager of Confabulation Montreal, an organization dedicated to the growth of the storytelling community in Canada. She is the founder of The Confab Story Lab and has produced live events for CBC Books All Told and Off-JFL. In addition to contributing to Salon .ll., she has told stories for Tales from the Black, Yarn, Vanier College, Confabulation, and Phi Centre’s ongoing exhibit Lucid Realities.

Kenneth Radu

Kenneth Radu has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry. A two-time recipient of the Quebec Writers' Federation award for English-language fiction, his forthcoming book is a collection of stories soon to be published by DC Books Canada. He lives in the country not far from Montreal, and when he's not digging the soil he's working on his latest project, a series of linked short stories. [Photo: Joshua Radu]



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