We, the Others

Toula Drimonis

September 2022


Ungrateful, opportunistic, moochers, dangerous, incompatible with our values and our way of life…
Every immigrant demographic has heard these descriptors at some point in their migration history. We, the Others  takes a contemporary look at the xenophobia, ethno-nationalism, and fear of the other that leads to discrimination and the belief that immigration is a polluting force.

Rooted in the author’s personal family history as the second-generation daughter of Greek immigrants, and from her research as a journalist and columnist covering identity politics and social issues in Quebec and Canada for the past 20 years, Drimonis courageously tackles this country’s history and practices, divisive legislation like Bill 21, and various nationalist movements that have influenced policy. We, the Others is a poignant look at inter-generational struggles, conflicting loyalties, and the heartfelt questions of belonging.

Toula Drimonis is a Montreal-based opinion columnist, writer and news producer. A former news director for TC Media, she has reported and written on politics, social justice, and women's issues for national and international publications. She has worked in television, radio, and print in all three of her languages, and has appeared on TV as both panelist and contributor to English and French-language current-affairs and cultural news shows.

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What they say
Advance praise

"When I completed this book and laid it down, the first word that came to me was insightful. As an Indigenous person who has been often caught in the Anglo-Québécois divide, having profound relationships on both sides, Drimonis’ contribution is both significant and a gift."
—The Honourable Romeo Saganash
Former federal MP, Canadian Cree lawyer, and Quebec's first Indigenous Member of Parliament.

"Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that Toula, a Greek first-generation immigrant to Quebec and Canada, GETS me, a Black Canadian Québécoise woman of diverse ethnic origins! Her descriptions of the overlapping layers of identities that sit alongside our love for the French language, culture and democratic social norms struck a chord in my heart and soul. Toula understands how immigrants both knowingly and unknowingly absorb the heart of Quebec culture while simultaneously recognizing a Canadian identity, which is then again stacked upon other identities. This book is a MUST READ for all. It will enrich one’s understanding of the immigrant experience and that of integration through the multiple stages. Thank you, Toula."
—The Honourable Marlene Jennings
Former federal MP, first Black woman from Quebec to be elected to Parliament, former Chair of QCGN.

"We, the Others is a beautiful love paean to Toula Drimonis's Greek immigrant parents, and to all immigrant parents like hers. Drimonis evokes a respect for ordinary people who work hard every day, build a life for their families, and who are like every Canadian or Quebecer—save for the upheaval, fear, and precariousness of escaping conflict or poverty and starting anew.We, the Others makes a strong case in favour of immigration and tells us how newcomers make us richer in every way. Thanks to immigrants, we discover new ideas, languages, foods, and cultures without going much further than the local dépanneur. As Drimonis notes, every new wave changes us imperceptibly until, over time, the others are now simply us, and we are all the better for it."
—Michael Fukushima
Canadian filmmaker, former head NFB Animation Studio, director of Minoru: Memory of Exile, an animated documentary about the Japanese Canadian internment.

"We, the Others is a riveting story that reveals a deep understanding of Canadian history, cultural norms, struggles of immigrant communities, and how communities are woven together by a shared yearning to survive and thrive. Toula does not shy away from shedding light on our country’s racist past and present, and does so with bravery and an unapologetic sense of pride. Her words are real, raw and lay bare truths that many of us have lived."
—Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed
Canadian journalist and columnist. The first woman to wear the hijab on Quebec television in her role as a video journalist for CityNews Montreal.

"Toula takes us on an adventure of a lifetime. From her parents' departure from Greece to her unique journey growing up as a child of immigrants, through to her extensive work as a journalist and keep observer of Quebec society. She describes the challenges of integration against the backdrop of hardships and disappointments that many immigrants face while trying to thrive in a society that continues to view them as a threat to their language, economic growth and security."
—The Honourable Eleni Bakopanos
Former federal MP, first Greek-born woman to be elected to Parliament.


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