An Opera in 3 Acts Starring Gino Quilico

Connie Guzzo-McParland

October 2022


When young Louis Quilico meets upcoming concert pianist Lina Pizzolongo, a personal and musical collaboration begins that sees Louis become one of the most accomplished baritones in the world. Their son, Gino, follows in his father's footsteps to emerge as a globetrotting opera singer. Theirs is a story of love, fame, estrangement, breakdown, and finally triumph.

Connie Guzzo-McParland writes her own aria with this real-life family dynasty that takes us through the world of opera––all its high notes, tragedies and artistry intact.

Also available in French: Un opéra en 3 actes mettant en vedette Gino Quilico

Connie Guzzo McParland is the author of The Girls of Piazza d’Amore (LLP, 2013), shortlisted for the Concordia First Novel Award by the Quebec Writers Federation, and The Women of Saturn published in 2017 by Inanna Publications. Co-director of Guernica Editions, she lives in Montreal.

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Size: 9 x 6 in.

Pages: 218

What they say
Advance praise

"Open the curtain to a vivid retelling of the almost mythical yet very real story of the Quilicos. Guzzo-McParland finds the balance between runaway fame, love, personal identity, and family obligation in this outstanding read."
––Susan Doherty, A Secret Music and The Ghost Garden

"Gino is a great talent, a great voice, a real personality, and a beauitful actor. He has everything, and audiences are wild about him."
––Luciano Pavarotti, 1990

"I was fortunate enough in my musical endeavours to work with the Quilicos, both father and son, and I can only underline that I had the greatest pleasure to make music with these great artists."
––Zubin Mehta, 2021


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