A Migrant Heart

Denis Sampson

September 2014

A Migrant Heart is about departures and arrivals, uprooting and attachment, resettling and returning. Denis Sampson left Ireland as a student, leaving behind the farming countryside of his childhood, the city of Dublin where he was educated, and the history and culture of his native country. He arrived in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal and discovered he was not the only one in search of a new life; and then that search became his life. He also discovered many different ways to return to Ireland, until slowly, what was painfully forced apart was rejoined in a life lived in two places and cultures.

LLP's first international print publication, published February 2015 in the UK and launched at Books Upstairs in Dublin on March 10, 2015, 6 - 8.30 p.m. 

Denis Sampson is the author of Outstaring Nature’s Eye, The Fiction of John McGahern (Lilliput Press, 1993), Brian Moore: The Chameleon Novelist (Doubleday, 1998) and Young John McGahern: Becoming a Novelist (Oxford University Press, 2012). He lives in Montreal and Kilkenny.

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What they say

“That rarest of things these publishing days, an intellectual autobiography, A Migrant Heart walks the reader through a life equally of mind and place. Denis Sampson’s journey, told with quiet grace, follows the road so many take to Canada – via the map of their own culture and upbringing. A gentle, thoughtful exploration of one Irishman’s rambles.”
– Charles Foran

"This is a memoir of moving depth and honesty. It carries the glint of wisdom in the cadences of its recollections and reflections."
––New Hibernia

May 9, 2015: The Irish Times review of Denis Sampson's A Migrant Heart.

Denis Sampson writes about Irish-Canadian books--and the paucity of Irish-Canadian memoir--on 49thShelf.

LLP's first international print publication, published February 2015 in the UK, is launched at Books Upstairs in Dublin on March 10, 2015, 6 - 8.30 p.m. Photo courtesy Books Upstairs and Twitter.

Denis Sampson appears at the Ennis Book Club Festival in Co. Clare, Ireland, March 6-8, 2015.

"It is not only good but necessary for the ecology of literature to have books as intelligent and thoughtful as this. Books like this give readers a sense of what constitutes real value and the real worth of literature. Highly recommended."
––Carlo Gébler,  Dublin Review of Books

“Denis Sampson's graceful prose effortlessly carries the reader on his many journeys -- from rural Ireland to Montreal by way of loss and love, over mind-opening vistas and through life-making moments."
—George O’Brien, author of The Village of Longing

“Beautifully written and exquisitely crafted.  The descriptions are wonderful and the voice is constantly engaging. As writing, it’s just a triumph.”
—Eamonn Wall, poet and critic.

“Denis Sampson’s subtle and searching meditations on his Irish boyhood and his Canadian manhood will strike a responsive chord in anyone who has felt spiritually or intellectually out of place. His graceful account of the people, places and writers that shaped him is always eloquent, often astute, and sometimes profoundly wise.”  
– Mark Abley

Ian McGillis's Gazette feature on Denis Sampson, August 21, 2014. "Denis Sampson’s A Migrant Heart maps space between emigrant and immigrant.”


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