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Photo: Contributing editors Annabelle Moreau and Marie-Andrée Lamontagne (left), with directrices littéraires Annie Heminway and Ève Pariseau (right), April 2012. 

Translate ... or transcreate?

Sophie Voillot and Leila Marshy
16 September 2021

The Philistine translator Sophie Voillot had a daring idea about how the novel needed to be translated. She and author Leila Marshy sat down to discuss their approach.

My Hockey Sweater (after Roch Carrier)

Endre Farkas
20 June 2021

Habs fever hit Endre Farkas as a small boy in Communist Hungary with the surprise arrival of a red wool sweater with a CH in the middle. 

The French Connection

Norman Ravvin
18 June 2021

Jack Kerouac wrote several unpublished works in French. Norman Ravvin explores the seminal author's Quebec roots.

Living Elsewhere

Kenneth Radu
21 April 2021

Kenneth Radu dives into the layers of memory and displacement that is the story of Alina Dumitrescu's childhood in Communist Romania.

Darkness at Noon

Lukas Rowland
18 January 2021

Watching an insurrection from afar is not all it's cracked up to be. Lukas Rowland contemplates the chaos in Washington and if he'll ever be able to go back home again.

Thinking outside the box

Lisanne Gamelin
9 December 2020

What's the take away here? Lisanne Gamelin tackles the latest language kerfuffle in Quebec.

What Price Peace?

Dave Cavanagh
19 October 2020

Dave Cavanagh, a student journalist in 1970, looks back on the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis.

Remembering the Referendum

Carolyn Marie Souaid
8 October 2020

Would Carolyn Marie Souaid's marriage survive the 1995 Quebec referendum? A lot was on the line 25 years ago.

Lebanon: No Going Back

Carolyn Marie Souaid
12 August 2020

Carolyn Marie Souaid remembers a country of promise and hope, but also a land of despair and ruins.

The Worst that Could Happen

Marianne Ackerman
2 June 2020

The backstage story of Marianne Ackerman’s hit comedy Triplex Nervosa, from kitchen table to opening night and beyond.

Flattening the Curb

Eric Deguire
31 May 2020

Eric Deguire explores how a television program can be a perfect match for these sad and strange times.

The Way We Live Now, I mean now

Linda Leith
6 April 2020

When it comes to plagues and pestilence, the writers mentioned most often nowadays are Boccaccio, Defoe, Camus, and Garcia Marquez. But it’s Waiting for Godot and a 1986 story by Susan Sontag that come to Linda Leith’s mind.

A Joy to Read

Kenneth Radu
3 March 2020

Kenneth Radu remembers New York while reading Ariela Freedman's Brooklyn-set A Joy To Be Hidden

Review: Smells Like Stars

Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa
4 October 2018

In Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa's review, D. Nandi Odhiambo's new novel is "a swirling, dizzying, drama full of complex characters and high stakes."



Translation: Lu Xun's Voice, II

23 September 2018

Jennifer Quist translates this second piece by Chinese author Lu Xun, work that was carried out as part of her post-graduate work at the University of Alberta. The first piece appears here.



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