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Women and Power
The Case for Parity

Pascale Navarro

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It’s already passé to ask if parity is important for today’s Canada. What’s needed now is to ask how we can make sure more women run for office and that they’re well-represented in government. There are no easy answers to this, but it’s clear that half-measures just won’t do.

Pascale Navarro argues that quotas are essential for women to achieve parity with men in politics. Over a hundred other nations worldwide have already established parity as a goal.

What are we waiting for?

Translated by David Homel
Foreword by Sue Montgomery


Photo: Louise Savoie


Montreal journalist and columnist Pascale Navarro is a frequent contributor to major newspapers and magazines as well as to radio and television broadcasts. Winner of the Women of Merit prize for Communications in 2007, she is the author of several feminist essays on contemporary social and political issues. In November, 2016, she was won the Governor General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons CaseWomen and Power is the first of her books to appear in English. 


David Homel is an award-winning novelist and translator of novels. He has won the Governor General's Award twice for translation. He has also worked as a filmmaker, journalist, and teacher. His most recent novel is The Fledglings (Cormorant, 2014).


Another excellent review of Pascale Navarro's first book in English, Women and Power, this one by Kimberley Bourgeois in the Montreal Review of Books:

"Women and Power packs an impressive amount of information into a few pages, serving as an astute update on the issue of gender parity in Quebec and Canada. But beyond just taking stock, the book advances an appealing vision. Inviting “more of the feminine” into the halls of power, Navarro specifies that this isn’t just about making room for women in an established space; it’s about creating a new space that incorporates both women’s and men’s points of view."

"Quebec journalist's case for gender parity should be read by all Canadians," by Toula Drimonis, Ricochet, 23 September 2016.

Despite institutionalized sexism and countless seen and unseen factors that come into play to prevent and dissuade women from participating fully in the democratic process, some people, naively or optimistically, feel that things will eventually just fall into place.

If that were the case, suffragettes would still be waiting for the right to vote.

"Gender parity in all fields is a vital step for women to achieve true equality, for democracy to truly be representative of all, and for the world’s largest untapped resource to finally be harnessed for everyone’s gain. I’ve written about the need for gender parity before, in creative fields and in the House of Commons, where progress is slow and sometimes purely symbolic, but still headed in the right direction. It’s a subject that continues to elicit doubt and fear because its political pursuit often raises more questions than it does answers." --  Toula Drimonis.


18 October 2016: Congratulations Pascale Navarro! 

Author of Women and Power: The Case for Parity (LLP 2016) Pascale has just been named a winner of a GG Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case! 

What an honour! Pascale will be going to Winnipeg in November for the awards ceremony.



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