No man gets to choose his father. But a son’s relationship with his father reveals a lot about the man he will become.

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Sons and Fathers

Daniel Goodwin

"In Sons and Fathers, Daniel Goodwin takes us on a wild, page-turning ride through a harrowing collision of family, friendship, politics, and love.”
– Terry Fallis, author of No Relation

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Sons and Fathers is a novel about men. It tells the story of how three men use their talent to help and hurt each other – and compete with the accomplishments of their fathers.

Three friends, three sons, each with a talent for words he learned from his father. Eli, Michael, and Allan were friends at McGill, and their lives continue to intersect as they make their ways in the shadow of the Peace Tower in Ottawa.

Set against the backdrop of national politics, journalism, and spin, Sons and Fathers explores how men’s lives and their relationships with one another and their wives are ultimately shaped by their relationships with the first men in their lives: their fathers.


Born in Montreal, Daniel Goodwin has lived and worked across Canada as a journalist, teacher, and communications and government relations executive. His writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Calgary Herald, The Telegraph Journal, The Antigonish Review, and The Literary Review of Canada. He lives in Calgary with his wife and three children. Sons and Fathers is his first novel.


June 21, 2015: Father's Day! -- and what better book to feature onCBC Radio's Fresh Air than Daniel Goodwin's Sons and Fathers. The segment will air around 8.30 a.m. Sunday. Here's the podcast.

April 20, 2015: Another good review for Sons and Fathers, this time in Canadian Jewish News.

Dec. 17, 2014: "For the Political Junkie: Daniel Goodwin's first novel, Sons and Fathers, is set in Ottawa against the backdrop of national politics, journalism, and spin, and has been called "a wild, page-turning ride" by author Terry Fallis. In a Q&A with All Lit Up, Goodwin explains, "I wanted to describe what it was like to be a certain kind of man in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. These guys are all very articulate and thoughtful and self-aware up to a point but they’re also clumsy, occasionally self-deluded, and they sometimes do dumb things." They sound...nearly human!" -- Kelly Clare, 49th Shelf

Daniel Goodwin, author of Sons and Fathers, blogs about the reasons men don't read fiction (but should). 

Great feature on Daniel Goodwin's first novel Sons and Fathers on the spanking new website All Lit Up.

"Watching a Literary Chicken Come Home to Roost in Novel Form," by Barbara Kay. Lovely piece on Daniel Goodwin's Sons and Fathers in the National Post, Sept. 17th, 2014. Here's an excerpt: 

"The narration is rich in pithy observations. Playing chess together in youth, Michael asks Eli, “Do you play to win, or do you play not to lose?” Eli reflects, “I realized I wasn’t good enough to play to win.” But as a writer, he can ensure that Allan, who does play to win, wins. Poets fear they are “charlatans who puffed themselves up with inflated claims of influence because they had none to speak of.”

On leadership: People say they want compassion, “but what they really want is someone they can trust, who is strong and courageous — when the going gets tough, we want to know if our leader will talk nice to us or defend us.” 

This novel’s timing is fortuitous. The going is certainly getting tough, and the looming federal election is stacking up as a test of that observation." -- Barbara Kay.

First review, by Mark Sampson, in Quill & Quire: "Goodwin has pulled off a sharp, clever début. His prose is strong and his characters memorable. Sons and Fathers is an enjoyable read."

From The Hill Times, "Heard on the Hill," by Rachel Aiello, Sept. 15, 2014: Former Hill & Knowlton strategist debuts book on federal politics, Hill comms, and friendships.

Nice start! LLP author Daniel Goodwin's first novel Sons and Fathers is featured on The 49th Shelf's fall fiction preview and will be featured on the fall promotion of first novels now being planned by the Literary Press Group of Canada.



“2009 was the year my father began to die, when his cells finally got tired of reproducing themselves flawlessly day after day like law-abiding citizens and decided to vandalize his body like barbarians with no respect for the orderly universe he had built within himself. But, although this story takes place mostly in 2009, when I was forty-four years old, it really begins much, much earlier, when the world was simpler, when the music was better, and when politicians and journalists didn’t have such low credibility ratings. It begins in 1983. And it begins – like so many stories – with words, with a war between friends, and with a woman. But really, this story begins even before that, with a friendship.


Sunday, December 7th, 2014: Daniel Goodwin at the Calgary Jewish Book Festival, "Meet the Author," 4 - 5.30 p.m., Jewish Community Centre, 1607 - 90 Avenue SW, Calgary.  

“Before I met Adam Tredman, I thought only sailors swore. At least that was the way it was in the books I was starting to read. His swearing made almost as big an impression on me as his poetry. And then there was his religion, which, so far as I could tell, was an essential part of him but went mostly unobserved. He and his family were the first Jews I had ever known, and for the longest time I thought all Jews must be like Adam Tredman, speaking as if they’d all just walked out of the desert and were making up for lost time.” -- Daniel Goodwin

Mark your calendar. Launch of Daniel Goodwin's first novel, Sons and Fathers, at Owl's Nest Books in the Britannia Plaza, 815 49th Ave., S.W., Calgary, on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, 2014, 7 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

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