Books, in Guatemala?   >

Monday 27 February 2012

by Guy Tiphane

A visit to schools supported by Child Aid, an organization that sets up school libraries and reading programs in poor areas of Guatemala.

For a Literary Salon   >

Tuesday 21 February 2012

By Marie-Andrée Lamontagne

Contributing editor Marie-Andrée Lamontagne’s introductory text for the French online Salon .ll. argues that literature has never thrived as much as it does today, when it has all but disappeared from sight.

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          Contributing editors Felicia Mihali, Marie-Andrée Lamontagne, and Annabelle Moreau planning the 
          literary salon, October 2011.


The Best Company - 25 Years of the Public Lending Right Commission   > read more...

Tuesday 21 February 2012

by Katia Grubisic


In the must and age and rainy days of those European libraries many moons ago, I was in a place that was mine; I was home. I might have been in another time; I was outside of time. Back then, I hadn’t yet published a line, and now I wait, along with thousands of other writers, for a slip of paper that reminds me not only that my words exist in the world, but that they are alongside countless other worlds. In libraries we are utterly ourselves, and we are in the best company.


Better than Downton Abbey: Nabokov's Ecstasy   >

Wednesday 8 February 2012

By Linda Leith

"This is ecstasy, and behind the ecstasy is something else, which is hard to explain. It is like a momentary vacuum into which rushes all that I love."

-- Vladimir Nabokov

Review of A Wicked Company   >

Friday 3 February 2012

by Kenneth Radu

Wicked company, therefore, is to be understood as the hostile official attitude towards men (mostly men) of intellectual daring who challenged the assumptions of religion and society. Inconvenient thinkers could be imprisoned and atheists could still be executed at the time, a practice I believe some would wish to continue today. That was the purpose of the radical salon: room for a coterie of free thinkers to converse bravely on many subjects, including dangerous critiques of the ancien régime and the Church, without fear of reprisal, at least from their fair hostess.

Notes of a Born-again Irlandaise   >

Thursday 2 February 2012

by Linda Leith

Reminders of my Irishness are reminders that I, too, am an immigrant. They feel like friendly reminders.

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