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New and Forthcoming Books from LLP

True Arab Love, stories by Issa J. Boullata

ISBN: 978-1-988130-07-1
September 9, 2016
120 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $12.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $6.95

“Mine is a true Arab love that clings and does not let go.”

Shenzheners, stories by Xue Yiwei, translated from the Chinese by Darryl Sterk

ISBN: 978-1-988130-03-3
September 9, 2016
210 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $18.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95
Cover and interior illustrations by Cai Gao

"Xue Yiwei is a maverick in contemporary Chinese literature." -- Ha Jin

The Last Bullet Is for You, a novel, by Martine Delvaux, translated by David Homel

ISBN: 978-1-988130-11-8
September 9, 2016
140 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $14.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $7.95

Love is war, wrote Ovid, and this book is a battleground.

Torp, a novel
by Michael Mirolla

ISBN: 978-1-927535-90-5
April 2, 2016
312 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $16.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

The landlord, the husband, the wife, and the lover.

The Company of Crows, a novel
by Karen Molson

ISBN: 978-1-927535-94-3 
April 16, 2016
308 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $16.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

"A tender coming-of-age story and a sympathetic portrait of mental illness that reminds us how life’s disorder can open on to unexpected joy.” — Christine Fischer Guy

The Poet is a Radio, a novel
by Jack Hannan

ISBN: 978-1-927535-98-1 
April 9, 2016
168 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $14.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

"It’s easy to forget that an oblivious person with his nose in a book is the point of the whole thing.” — Jack Hannan

Sistering, a novel
by Jennifer Quist

ISBN: 978-1-927535-70-7 
August 15, 2015
308 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $19.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $9.95

"The deft hearts and hilarious minds of the swashbuckling sisters never fail them. 
— Lee Kvern

Canada Lives Here
The Case for Public Broadcasting

by Wade Rowland

ISBN: 978-1-927535-82-0 
August 15, 2015
200 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $16.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95
Media & Communications

"An urgent, important and timely book about how public broadcasting in Canada is being eviscerated." --Jeffrey Dvorkin, University of Toronto

Open Season
A Luc Vanier Novel
by Peter Kirby

ISBN: 978-1-927535-78-3 
September 12, 2015.
350 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $16.95.
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95.

"A perfectly plotted, nicely paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller that also has gravitas... All the earmarks of a winner." -- Jim Napier, Montreal Review of Books

The Book of Faith, a novel
by Elaine Kalman Naves

ISBN: 978-1-927535-74-5 
September 24, 2015.
400 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $19.95
ePub, Mobi, PDF $9.95

"If Jane Austen were around today—and Jewish, of course—I’m betting this is the kind of novel she’d be writing." --Joel Yanofsky, author of Bad Animals and Mordecai and Me. 

Counterterrorism and Identities: Canadian Viewpoints
by Jack Jedwab

ISBN: 978-1-927535-86-8.
September 19, 2015.
200 pages. 7 x 7. Trade paper $18.95.
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95.

"A must-read volume for people interested in effective counterterrorism policies." -- Dr. Paul Bramadat, Director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria 

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Salon .ll. is LLP's online magazine, including posts written in English and in French, publishing news, and events. 


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Linda Leith herself

Author Linda Leith is the president of Linda Leith Publishing and the founder of the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. Her most recent book is Écrire au temps du nationalisme  (2014). Her bio is here, and details of the books she has authored are here.

19 March 2015: Quill & Quire's 80th anniversary issue (April 2015) includes a Q&A with Linda Leith:

March 9, 2015: Linda Leith writes in Quill and Quire on the demise of the Toronto International Book Fair.

Feb 14, 2015: Ian McGillis's Gazette piece about Linda Leith, post Blue Met, with this video

Écrire au temps du nationalisme  (Leméac Éditions, April 2014), is Alain Roy's translation of Writing in the Time of Nationalism: From Two Solitudes to Blue Metropolis (Signature Editions, 2010). Available from Renaud-Brayamazon.ca, and other booksellers. 


Écrire au temps du nationalisme has been reviewed in La Presse+ by Daniel Lemay, April 27 2014.

Marie-Andrée Lamontagne's Radio Ville-Marie Parking Nomade interview with me on the subject of the book is here (in French).

The Le Devoir review of Écrire au temps du nationalisme is here.


This website

We invite you to explore this website, where you can check out news and reviews of all LLP titles, purchase a print copy or download an electronic copy of one of our books, read short essays by Linda Leith and other writers on our online magazine Salon .ll., and find out about Leith and her own books.

Recent posts on Salon .ll.

Salon .ll. is an online magazine published in English and in French by LLP, with some material translated and much of the content published in the original language only. You will find posts in English here and French posts here

News & Events

  • 4 June 2016 : Hello Ottawa ! LLP will be at Prose in the Park open-air literary festival at Parkdale Park, with three of our authors appearing in panels during the day: 

    Open Season author and Arthur Ellis nominee Peter Kirby 

    Novelist Michael Mirolla, author of Torp, and

    Bestselling Chinese-Canadian writer Xue Yiwei, who is publishing his very first book in English with LLP. Yiwei's short story collection, Shenzheners, is set in the Chinese city of Shenzhen and is inspired by James Joyce's Dubliners

    Advance copies of Shenzheners will be on sale on June 4th along with copies of Peter Kirby's Luc Vanier books and Michael Mirolla's TorpDrop by the LLP stand anytime between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. to pick up your copies.

    Author Xue Yiwei

  • 30 April 2016 is Authors for Indies day! -- and LLP authors will be appearing at half a dozen independent bookstores across the country:

    • Montreal lawyer Peter Kirby — whose most recent novel Open Season has just been shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel — will be at the unusually bilingual Old Montreal bookstore Librairie Bertrand 2-4 p.m. along with Michael Blair, the author of another gripping crime novel, True Believers.


      Michael Blair

    • Karen Molson, the biographer of the Molson family, will be appearing that afternoon at Clio Books in Pointe-Claire Plaza. Karen has just published The Company of Crowsa compelling first novel about a young girl coming of age during the summer she spends at Laughing Willows Trailer Park with her obnoxious younger brothers and unhappy mother. It’s the 1970s and Veronica’s world is changing, and she with it.


    • Mari Hill Harper’s book Sea Winter Salmon: Chronicles of the St. John River is about a great salmon river on the Lower North Shore of Quebec—and a great salmon fishing camp, Hill Camp, founded by Mari’s great-grandfather, the railway tycoon James J. Hill, in the late ninetenth century. The book is also available in French as Les pèlerins de la rivière Saint-JeanMari will be at Brome Lake Books in the morning and then at Clio in the afternoon. 

    • Jack Hannan, author of a delightful and whimsical novel about poets and booksellers, The Poet is a Radio, will be at Paragraphe 1-5 p.m.

    • In Edmonton, both Caterina Edwards, author of the stunning literary noir The Sicilian Wife, and another of our award-winning writers, comic genius Jennifer Quist, author of Sistering, will be appearing at Audreys.


    • And Michael Mirolla, author of Torp, will be at A Different Drummer!


  • 25 April, 2016: Congratulations Elaine Kalman Naves! The Book of Faith has just been longlisted for the Leacock Award for Humour! 


  • 22 April 2016: Congratulations Peter Kirby! Open Season has just been shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel! And this after his first novel, The Dead of Winter, won first a 2010 Unhanged Arthur and was then shortlisted for a 2013 Arthur Ellis Award for First Novel. Well done, Peter!

  • 17 March 2016: More congrats for Jennifer Quist! Sistering is long-listed for the Alberta Readers’ Choice Award 2016.
  • 5 March 2016: Congratulations Jennifer Quist. A 2015 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award nomination and a Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award for her first novel, Love Letters of the Angels of Death (2013), and now a Best Novel Award from the Association for Mormon Letters for Sistering (2015). Good going, Jenn!


    Jennifer Quist and her award-winning novels

  • Save the date! The 6th Annual LLP / Salon .ll. Launch at Blue Metropolis, Friday April 15th, 6 - 7.15 p.m., Espace Godin, Hotel 10, Montreal

    Authors Karen Molson, Michael Mirolla, and Jack Hannan 

    Elaine Kalman Naves, Peter Kirby, and Jack Jedwab

    LLP Associate Editors Elise Moser and Katia Grubisic

    With all our Spring 2016 authors, English and French, as well as Montreal authors from Fall 2015, French-language contributors to Salon .ll., and all our editors, this event takes place in French and English, always attract a terrific crowd. Do join us. Free admission.
  • January 2016: LLP wishes all its readers and writers a very happy New Year. We're on vacation until late January and will pick up this thread on our return. 

  • December 1, 2015: Congratulations, Caterina Edwards! The Sicilian Wife makes the @nationalpost's top 99 list of 2015 books: http://news.nationalpost.com/arts/np99-the-best-books-of-the-year-vol-2-74-59: "Set in the contrasting climates of Sicily and Edmonton, this literary noir is a masterful tale of family, murder, and the inescapable pull of the past."

    Caterina Edwards