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New and Forthcoming Books from LLP

True Arab Love, stories by Issa J. Boullata

ISBN: 978-1-988130-07-1
September 9, 2016
92 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $12.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $6.95

“Mine is a true Arab love that clings and does not let go.”

Shenzheners, stories by Xue Yiwei

ISBN: 978-1-988130-03-3
September 9, 2016
188 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $18.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

Translated from the Chinese by Darryl Sterk
Cover and interior illustrations by Cai Gao

"Xue Yiwei is a maverick in contemporary Chinese literature." -- Ha Jin
Hear David Gutnick's fine The Sunday Edition documentary on Xue Yiwei here.

The Last Bullet Is for You, a novel, by Martine Delvaux

ISBN: 978-1-988130-11-8
September 9, 2016
132 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $14.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $7.95

Translated from the French by David Homel

Love is war, wrote Ovid, and this book is a battleground.

Women and Power: The Case for Parity, Singles essay by Pascale Navarro

ISBN: 978-1-988130-15-6
September 9, 2016
96 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $14.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $7.95

A rallying cry for women in politics. Because it's 2016.

Translated by David Homel 
With a Foreword by Sue Montgomery

Governor General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case

Mr. Singh Among the Fugitives, a novel by Stephen Henighan

ISBN: 978-1-988130-29-3
March 25, 2016
210 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $18.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

Arabic for Beginners, a novel by Ariela Freedman

ISBN: 978-1-988130-33-0
March 25, 2016
320 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $18.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

The Evil That Men Do, crime fiction by Michael Blair

ISBN: 978-1-988130-37-8
March 25, 2016
372 pages. 5 x 8. Trade paper $18.95 
ePub, Mobi, PDF $8.95

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Linda Leith herself

Author Linda Leith is the president of Linda Leith Publishing and the founder of the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. Her most recent book is Écrire au temps du nationalisme  (2014). Her bio is here, and details of the books she has authored are here.


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News & Events


April 29, 2017: Xue Yiwei, author of Shenzheners, accepts the 2017 Blue Metropolis Prize for Literary Diversity, a $3,000 award sponsored by the Conseil des arts de Montréal, at a festival event hosted by Marie-Andrée Lamontagne that included an interview with Taras Grescoe. The photo of the prize-giving appeared yesterday in this Shenzhen newspaper report:

April 24-30, 2017: LLP authors appearing at the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival, Hotel 10, Montreal.

April 28, 2017, 6 - 7.15 p.m., Salle Godin: Our annual launch features all 11 of the new books published since the 2016 Blue Met by Michael Blair, Issa J. Boullata, Martine Delvaux, Abou Farman, Ariela Freedman, Stephen Henighan, Felicia Mihali, Pascale Navarro, Chantal Ringuet, and 2017 Literary Diversity prize-winner Xue Yiwei. With translators Marianne Champagne, Joanna Gruda, and David Homel. Hosts: Maurice Forget, Katia Grubisic, Annie Heminway, Elise Moser, and Linda Leith.


April 20, 2017: Michael Blair, author of The Evil That Men Do, and Peter Kirby, author of the 2016 Arthur Ellis prize-winning novel, Open Season, will be participating in the Arthur Ellis shortlist event organized at Indigo in Montreal by the Crime Writers of Canada. 7 p.m.

Here's Ian McGillis's piece about the event in The Gazette, with this quote about crime writing and LLP: “I’m very glad there’s a CWC and Arthur Ellis Awards, because there’s very little else for crime writers in this country,” said Linda Leith, whose Linda Leith Publishing has leapt to the forefront of the genre in Canada with a strong crime catalogue, led by Peter Kirby and Michael Blair.

Peter Kirby, author Open Season, winner of
the 2016 Arthur Ellis Prize for Best Book.



April 6, 2017, 7-8:30 p.m. Montreal author Ariela Freedman's first novel, Arabic for Beginners, is launched at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly. Free admission. Refreshments. We look forward to welcoming you.

[Photo: Jeremy Wexler]

March 30, 2017, 6 - 7:30 p.m. Book launch! Michael Blair's new crime novel, The Evil That Men Do, will be launched at Paragraphe Books in Montreal. Free admission. Refreshments. All welcome!

                                [Photo: Terence Byrnes]


China Daily covers the announcement that Xue Yiwei is the 2017 Literary Diversity Prize for his first collection of short stories in English, Shenzheners. 


Montreal, March 20, 2017: Linda Leith Publishing is proud to announce that author Xue Yiwei's Shenzheners is winner of the $3,000 2017 Literary Diversity Prize

Blue Metropolis festival press conference with poster of
Xue Yiwei's prize. [Photo: Stéphane Lavoie] 



.ll. .ll. .ll.

February 13, 2017: Our first event of the new year is a fun un-Valentine event on Monday, Feb. 13, 7 p.m., at Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore, 211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal.

l'amour stinks: love et traduction

Martine Delvaux, David Homel, Katia Grubisic
[Photo: Librairie Drawn & Quarterly]

Montreal writer Martine Delvaux’s novel Blanc dehors was shortlisted for the 2016 Governor General’s Award for Fiction. The Last Bullet Is for You (2016), translated by David Homel, is about a love affair gone wrong, the perfect subject for a decidedly un-Valentine discussion of translation.

Martine Delvaux est auteure de quatre romans, dont Les Cascadeurs de l’amour n’ont pas droit au doublage (la version originale de The Last Bullet Is for You) et des essais Nan Goldin. Guerrière et gorgone et Les Filles en série. Des Barbies aux Pussy Riot).

Free admission. This event takes place in French and English. Refreshments!


Author Martine Delvaux, translator David Homel, and host Katia Grubisic.


.ll. .ll. .ll.

January 5, 2017: Ian McGillis's Spring 2017 preview in The Gazette features LLP's Montreal writers Michael Blair and Ariela Freedman.

January 9, 2017: Shelagh Rogers's Next Chapter interview with Caterina Edwards, author of the literary noir The Sicilian Wife.

January 4, 2017: Xue Yiwei on why writing in inherently political. CBC Books's Magic 8.

.ll. .ll. .ll.

December 24, 2016: LLP's #BannerYear gets a nod from Ian McGillis's literary wrap-up in The Gazette:

"One of the biggest surprises of the year was the news that a writer widely read and respected in China was living in Montreal in almost total anonymity, his work untranslated, his reputation an unshared secret.

Xue Yiwei’s Shenzheners (Linda Leith Publishing, translated by Darryl Sterk), set in the author’s former home city, takes the template of Joyce’s Dubliners for a set of loosely connected stories that add up to an emotionally affecting cubistic street-level portrait of China’s newest megalopolis.

Introducing Yiwei to the English-reading world was a coup for LLP, whose strong year overall included essential books from Martine Delvaux (The Last Bullet Is For You, a reimagining, translated by David Homel, of Elizabeth Smart’s By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept) and Jack Hannan (the sui generis The Poet is a Radio, in which 8th-century Chinese poet Li Bai washes up in 21st-century Montreal)."

.ll. .ll. .ll.

November 27, 2016: The great radio journalist David Gutnick has sent us the podcast of his fine Sunday Edition documentary about Xue Yiwei, author of Shenzheners. The connection to Montreal comes across so strongly, both in Yiwei's childhood impressions of Dr. Bethune on this Chinese classroom wall--and in his amazement at a Montreal bus driver talking about metaphor. You can listen to it here.