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Linda Leith Publishing was created in 2011 and published its first titles in 2012. A trade publisher specializing in quality fiction and non-fiction, we have a special love of short books --novella-length fiction and essays--and controversial issues of the day. What we love most are good books that might not see the light of day if it were not for LLP.

Based in Montreal, we are proud to publish writers from across Canada, and we have a particular interest in Quebec writers, as well as in translations into English and French. One of the few Canadian publishers working in both French and English, we may be unique in publishing translations by Canadian writers working not only in French and English, but also in Chinese and other languages.


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Linda Leith Publishing is proud to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts; of the Government of Canada through the National Translation Program for Book Publishing, an initiative of the Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communitiesfor its translation activities; of the Canada Book Fund; and of Livres Canada Books for its publishing program; and of SODEC for its Quebec-authored titles. 



Archive: Launch of Linda Leith Publishing, Massey College, April 5, 2012


Margaret Atwood with Andrew Phillips of the Toronto Star, with Graeme Gibson and author Rick Salutin at the LLP launch at Massey College, Toronto,

April 5, 2012
[Photo: Linda Leith]
Tweet from Margaret Atwood ‏April 13, 2012 @MargaretAtwood: Look! New publishing house launches, + Rick Salutin on keeping public education public: http://www.lindaleith.com/publishings/view/6 @TorontoStar

The Gazette article, written by Victor Swoboda, also appeared April 13th in the Edmonton Journal and the Dallas News, and on April 18th on Top News Today.

For Immediate Release: Atwood, Polley attend launch of Linda Leith Publishing

Toronto (April 10, 2012) Linda Leith, founder and former artistic director of the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival celebrated the launch of her new literary press in Toronto on Thursday night with Keeping the Public in Public Education by Rick Salutin, drawing luminaries such as Margaret Atwood, Graeme Gibson, Sarah Polley, Charles Pachter, Howard Engel and Dusan Petricic to an event at the University of Toronto. Also in attendance were journalists Warren Clements and Erica Ritter, Toronto Star editorial page editor Andrew Phillips, and agent Bruce Westwood, President of Westwood Creative Artists.

Hosted by John Fraser at Massey College, and presented in association with Annie Kidder of People for Education, the event celebrated both the launch of a new Canadian publishing house and the challenge to public education at a time when the entire public sector "dares not speak its name."

Fraser, in opening remarks, quipped that in publishing Salutin in his first issue of Saturday Night, he succeeded unequivocally in demonstrating his magazine wasn't a voice-piece for [then owner] Conrad Black. Kidder praised Salutin as one of Canada's great thinkers, demonstrating that the conversation about public institutions (in Ontario and elsewhere) is exciting, necessary and rife with possibility.

Salutin's book, a trenchant defense of teachers in the public system, is the first in the LLP SINGLES series, a pioneering series of provocative shorts (essays under 100 pages in length). LLP SINGLES meet the challenge of the digital age, says Leith, "short enough to be read in a sitting -- and long enough to develop a provocative argument."

Leith describes her publishing mandate as "telling truths"; naming her specialties as SINGLES,  literary fiction and political satire, including two upcoming books of political cartoons, one by popular Montreal Gazette cartoonist Aislin (Terry Mosher) and the other edited by him. She describes herself as publishing in the romantic tradition of underground pamphlets and samizdat publishing – priding herself on books that might not otherwise see the light of day.

In the new digital world, she says, their commercial potential is uninhibited, and bestsellers will come from unexpected corners. The LLP publishing experience, Salutin adds, is one of the best he's had in his career to date.

Leith's stated intention with literary fiction (she is a novelist herself) is to introduce edgy new voices and styles to an international readership. Award-winning novelist and biographer Charlie Foran describes the LLP vision as "intrepid and lively and interesting."

Linda Leith Publishing will officially launch in Quebec City this week at Festival Imagination and Blue Metropolis on April 20th, introducing the SINGLES series and The Darling of Kandahar by Romanian-Canadian Felicia Mihali, whose style Leith likens to Quebec writer Marie-Claire Blais and Canadian Nancy Huston, who writes in French and English. (See press releases for both books attached.)

As the founder of Montreal's internationally renowned literary festival, Linda Leith has a cosmopolitan vision. During her tenure, Blue Metropolis became the largest and most diverse of Canada's festivals, offering events in a multitude of languages, attracting writers from all over the world, and granting lifetime achievement awards to Norman Mailer, Mavis Gallant, Carlos Fuentes, Margaret Atwood, Alaa Al Aswani, Amitav Ghosh and A.S. Byatt, among others.

LLP buys world rights, publishes in both English and French, in both physical and ebook format. Canadian and US sales are handled by the Literary Press Group, distribution by LitDitCo, and ebook distribution by eBound Canada.