Women and Power The Case for Parity

Pascale Navarro. Translator David Homel

An LLP Singles essay

It’s already passé to ask if parity is important for today’s Canada. What’s needed now is to ask how we can make sure more women run for office and that they’re well-represented in government. There are no easy answers to this, but it’s clear that half-measures just won’t do.

Pascale Navarro argues that quotas are essential for women to achieve parity with men in politics. Over a hundred other nations worldwide have already established parity as a goal.

What are we waiting for?

Translated by David Homel
Foreword by Sue Montgomery

Congratulations Pascale Navarro! The author of Women and Power: The Case for Parity (LLP 2016) Pascale is winner of a 2016 Governor General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case!

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